Wednesday, April 19, 2006


4th Annual Doobie Awards announced

The June '06 issue of High Times with Damian Marley on the cover (great photo by Brian Jahn) features my story about the 4th Annual Doobie Awards. The Doobies are High Times' awards for excellence in marijuana-related music. This year's winners are:

Band of the Year - System of a Down
Best Reggae Artist - Damian Marley
Best Solo Artist - Rob Thomas
Best Hip-Hop Artist - Yin Yang Twins
Best Stoner Band - Kottonmouth Kings
Best Jam Band - String Cheese Incident
Best Pot Song - Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin'"
Best Festival - Bonnaroo

In the magazine, each award is accompanied by a stony photo and an acceptance speech. Here are some excerpts:

* Sean Paul: "It's feels great to be the Doobiest songwriter of the year for the second time now!"
* Damian Marley: "In celebration of the Doobie Award, I think I'll burn one."
* Rob Thomas: "Let me thank all my suppliers for providing me with what I needed to make my first solo record."
* String Cheese Incident: "Thanks so much for this award [cough, cough}..."
* Kottonmouth Kings' Brad Daddy X: "I want to give a shout out to all the growers, activists and tokers for standing strong with a bong against the oppressors."
* Bonnaroo's producers: "It's high time Bonnaroo received the Doobie Award..."

To read the story: CLICK HERE

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