Saturday, April 15, 2006


Brewers end Mets streak

Every good streak has to come to an end, and so did the Mets' 7-gamer today at the hands of the fairly-formidable Brewers. In losing only their second game of the season (8-2, both the score and the Mets' record), it was a combination of shaky starting and relief pitching and general lack of hitting that did them in. Steve Trachsel (1-1) reverted to his usual hittable self, allowing 4 runs in 5 innings. But it was bullpen stiff Jorge Julio who let the Brews break the game open with a 3-run 8th. Milwaukee starter Tomo Okha (1-1) stalled the Mets' offensive machine; both of their runs came on sac flies.

Tomorrow's rubber match will be the Mets' first real test of the season. Can they win the series as they head into the all-important confrontation with the Braves starting on Monday?

And my sports writer brother, Barry Bloom, cautions: "Don't get too hyped up on the Mets yet. Good opening against Florida and the Nationals. Let's see what happens when they get to the West Coast in a week."

Next game: Sunday, April 16 @ Shea, 1:10 pm start on Ch. 11 & WFAN, Brian Bannister (1-0) vs. Ben Sheets (0-0)

For more on the Mets: CLICK HERE

Must heed Barry's words...
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