Saturday, April 01, 2006


Cordero @ Southpaw

Went to see the band Cordero last night at Southpaw in Brooklyn (125 Fifth Ave.). Led by Ani Cordero, this quartet plays rock with a Spanish feel. Vocals are in both English and Spanish. Ani's from Tucson by way of Atlanta and is of Puerto Rican heritage. She sings, plays guitar and doubles on drums. Her husband Chris Verene is the band's drummer. Both have been in other bands (Ani played drums in Man or Astroman?, Cuban Cowboys and Pistolera; Chris was in Rock*A*Teens and D.Q.E.). Rounding out the band are bassist Eric Eble and trumpeter Omar Little.

It took until the last two songs for Cordero to generate some calor (heat). Both songs had strong beats and had the crowd (which included a lot of pretty women) dancing. For the last song, Ani took over the drums and Chris played a snare set up at the front of the stage. It was a fun jam. The crowd called for more, but alas the stage curtain remained closed.

Cordero's latest album, "En Este Momento," is on Bloodshot Records.

For more on Cordero: CLICK HERE

BTW, I ran into my good friend "Concert Joe" Farkis at the show. Joe's famous for attending more shows in New York than anyone in history. He's a walking encyclopedia of New York live music.

To check out his website of concert listings: CLICK HERE

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