Monday, April 24, 2006


Eagles of Death Metal @ Irving Plaza

Though Eagles of Death Metal's new album Death By Sexy sounds exactly like their debut, the three-piece has always been known to put on a great show. Always, until last night. Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme was billed to play drums for the sold-out show at New York's Irving Plaza, but the lineup was changed last-minute to include ex-Hole and Motley Crue drummer, Samantha Maloney. Her solid and welcome playing was the only mediocre pleasure for this event. Also, in keeping with switching up the lineup, there was a fourth guitarist added to the usual tight trio, making Eagles as much of a revolving act as QOTSA is now. Which, inevitably, hindered the quality of the music as it does with Queens.

Unlike Eagles' shows of the past, frontman Jesse "The Devil" Hughes was eerily still most of the night, leaving behind his patented hip-shakin' and knee-bangin'. And with his lack of passion and ubiquitous sound, the crowd followed his lead. Nary a head was bobbing, nor more than a slight handful of fists raised into the air.

The sound in Irving Plaza is always bad, unless you stand directly under the sound board, but the Eagles' show in particular had a lackluster twang followed by an unoriginal stage presence. Sure, rock may be dead, but it doesn't have to be kicked while it's down. A true disappointment all around.


Natasha Lewin is the former managing editor of High Times and co-author of "King of Queens" in which she and Bobby Black interview Josh Homme. It appears in the May '06 issue of High Times.

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