Friday, April 14, 2006


Hoobastank @ Hard Rock Cafe

"The reason" for Hoobastank's relatively-intimate club gig in the heart of New York's Times Square on Thursday was to hype the May 16 release of the band's third album Every Man for Himself. The LA-based quartet broke onto the rock scene in 2002 around the same time as other post-grunge bands like Nickelback, Incubus and Puddle of Mudd. Hard, but melodic and tuneful, they followed their eponymous debut two years later with The Reason, which featured the title-track hit single that would earn them a Grammy nomination.

At the Hard Rock, Hoobastank came out smoking with a pair of songs from each of their first two albums ("Pieces," "Out of Control," "Escape," "Running Away"). They gradually mixed in new material. The hour-long set predictably peaked during a singalong of "The Reason." With emo the current fad, it would seem Hoobastank's time has passed. But the band's power-pop sensibility and Doug Robb's elastic vocals should ensure longevity.

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