Saturday, April 08, 2006


Knicks "imbeciles"

Despite a rare two-game winning streak, Knicks' off-guard Quentin Richardson called his teammates imbeciles in an interview with the New York Times. Defending embattled first-year coach Larry Brown - the team has only 21 wins, and is one game ahead of Charlotte for the NBA's worst record - "Q-Rich" told Howard Beck: "I said from Day 1, and I'll say it now: I know Coach is a great coach. He's proven it. So the only thing that means to me is that we're not doing it. We can't be doing it right. Because he's won championships on every single level. So what does that make us? Imbeciles. That's what it makes us."

An exasberated Q-Rich added: "I feel like this is the worst thing I've ever been in... This team, it's like everybody's paid. We're the highest-paid team in the whole NBA. There's no reason we shouldn't be winning."

Meanwhile, the Knicks' local rivals, the New Jersey Nets, have run off 14 straight victories. They're atop the Atlantic division with a 46-28 record, 25 games ahead of the Knicks. Mercifully for the Knicks, who beat the Pacers last night and the Cavs the night before (Jamal Crawford hit the winning shot in both games), there are just 7 games to go in this trainwreck of a season.

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