Saturday, April 01, 2006


The Mets starting pitching woes

The baseball season is about to begin. Monday is opening day. I'm worried about the Mets already. Yesterday, Victor Zambrano was shelled for 6 runs and left the game with a tight hamstring. Earlier in the week another of the team's five designated starters Steve Trachsel was awful. Pedro Martinez is not really ready, Tom Glavine is 40 and fifth starter Brian Bannister is untested. Looks like Aaron Heilman will be starting soon, rather than a set-up man in the bullpen. The trades of Kris Benson and Jay Seo may come back to haunt the Mets.

Hitting-wise, the lineup looks pretty good with Reyes at SS, Wright at 3B, Delgado at 1B, Beltran in CF, Floyd in LF and Lo Duca behind the plate. We'll have to see about Xavier Nady in RF and rookie Anderson Hernandez at 2B. The bench seems pretty solid: Diaz, Franco, Valentin, Woodward, Chavez, Castro. And the bullpen should be vastly improved over last year, with Wagner, Sanchez and Julio.

Opening day: Mets vs. Nationals, Glavine starting, gametime: 1 pm, on SNY, @ Shea

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