Saturday, April 08, 2006


Passover movie

An Ecstasy-fueled encounter session breaks out in Salvador Litvak's amusing When Do We Eat?, which opened in New York on Friday, just in time for next week's Passover celebration. The totally dysfunctional Stuckman family get together for the holidays like the Stones in last year's The Family Stone. But this gathering's more like the "The Family Stoned."

Ira (Michael Lerner) is the master of the fast seder, a typical approach taken by reformed Jews who've lost touch with their religious past (believe me, I can relate). His son Ethan (Max Greenfield) has converted to Hasidic Judaism (see crossover-reggae superstar Matisyahu). Another son Zeke (Ben Feldman) wears a "420" t-shirt to the seder and doses his dad out of spite. As the seder continues, Ira starts to feel the effects of the high, and Zeke admits to his sin. But as anyone who's "rolled" knows, Ecstasy can turn an ogre into a puppy dog. Ira suddenly apologizes for all of his ill deeds and gradually the family bonds like never before. This sounds corny, I know, but When Do I Eat? works. Mazel tov!

For more on When Do We Eat?: CLICK HERE

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