Monday, April 03, 2006


The Sopranos: Taking out the trash

The Sopranos' 6th season started with a bang, as nutty Uncle Junior plugged Tony. After nearly dying and a close encounter with the afterlife, Tony returned home, where his first order of business was to settle a dispute over a trash-hauling company he's been using as a business cover.

Sunday's espisode, "The Fleshy Part of the Thigh," referred to hip-hop stars played by Treach and Lord Jamar - rappers who gain increased notoriety from getting shot. To the hip-hoppers, Tony's an "original G." One of the episode's many subplots featured Tony's brother-in-law Bobby shooting Marvin (Jamar) in the butt for 7 grand. But the episode really belonged to Paulie, who learned that his aunt, a nun, was actually his mother.

Meanwhile, bad blood between Tony and jailed Johnny Sacks spilled over, with emissary Phil (who Tony hit with his car several seasons ago) making an offer for the trash company that Tony first refused, then negotiated and finally accepted, against his better judgement. He knows this showed weakness, setting the stage for the battle of New Jersey, with Tony and Johnny taking shots at each other until one of them (Johnny, I predict) gets whacked. Stay tuned...

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