Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tommy Chong: 'I don't smoke anymore'

Half of the famous stoner duo, Cheech & Chong, is taking a weed break. "I don't smoke anymore," Tommy Chong told the Fairfield Weekly. "I never did smoke that much and I decided just to take a sabbatical until we get the Republicans out."

Chong was in Stamford, CT last Friday performing in The Marijuana-Logues, the pot play based on The Vagina Monologues. The show, which ran in New York from 2004-2005, makes periodic tours with the original cast (Arj Barker, Doug Benson and Tony Camin) and guest performers. This tour - featuring Chong, Camin and Brett Gelman - also hit Albany, NY on Saturday and Red Bank, NJ on Sunday.

Camin reports: "The shows went really well. The first night in Stamford was light, a little more than half full, but the rest were packed. Tommy was the best he's been. He's replaced 'logues' with more of his material and it works great. The third guy was Brett Gelman. He did the show in New York for a few months at the end. He was filling in for Doug. Arj is still in Australia. The May shows will be myself, Doug and Tommy. We're not sure who's doing Hawaii [in Honolulu on May 26]. It will definitely be Tommy and two others though." For The Marijuana-Logues tour schedule: CLICK HERE

"Another downside," adds Camin, who plays the smart stoner of the trio in the show, "no free weed was offered, so it was a complete failure in that - the most important - regard."

To read the Fairfield Weekly interview with Tommy Chong: CLICK HERE

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