Monday, April 03, 2006


Top pot strains

A careful look at the last three months of THMQ entries sent to reveals American pot aficionados' favorite cannabis strains.


1. Blueberry
2. Sour Diesel
3. Train Wreck
4. AK-47
5. White Widow
6. Northern Lights #5
7. Skunk #1
8. OG Kush
9. Boo-Ya
10. BC Bud/Beasters


1. Berry varieties (includes Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, Shiskaberry, Bubbleberry and various crosses)
2. Purple varieties (includes Purple Haze, Purps, Purple Kush, Purple Star and various crosses)
3. Blue varieties (includes Blueberry, Blue Satellite, Blue Moonshine, Blue Mystic and various crosses)
4. Kush varieties (includes OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Kush, Master Kush and various crosses)
5. Haze varieties (includes Haze, Super Silver Haze, Purple Haze, Amnesia Haze and various crosses)
6. Skunk varieties (includes Skunk, Island Sweet Skunk and various crosses)
7. White varieties (includes White Widow, White Rhino, White Russian and various crosses)
8. Northern Lights varieties (includes Northern Lights #5 and various crosses)


Ayatyollah, Bammer, Catpiss, Cheese, Comatoast, Dumpster, Euforia, Fast Freddie, Funky Skunky, Green Crack, Jack the Ripper, Neopolitan Dynamite, Piff, Pineapple Dogshit, Presidential Kush, Purple Goddess, Salmon, Sky Walker, Stinky Pinky, Texas Hammer and Velvet Elvis

To submit a strain to THMQ: CLICK HERE

To see a beautiful Blueberry bud: CLICK HERE

Blueberry is the shit - good list, thats some tightly rolled research there.
show pictures of all the strains
the OG KUSH is killin it in LA luvin it!
Train Wreck is the Shit. easily my Fav.
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