Saturday, April 15, 2006


What they're saying about Blooming Ideas

" Blooming Ideas, bong Hits and coffee - the breakfast of champions!"
- Stumpy, Drummer, Herbal Nation

"I've become a regular visitor. Great blog and better short-form Mets info that I'm getting when I have to wait for my darned machine to download the Daily News. Congrats."
- Peter Gorman, Former Editor-in-Chief, High Times

"I've been reading through your blog everyday. Love your mixture of sports and music."
- Barry Bloom, National Reporter, (my big brother!)

"Pretty good job."
- David Peel, Lower East Side Legend

"Can't say that I haunt a lot of blogs, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far."
- Tom Doerr, Director, Special Markets, Sony BMG Custom Marketing Group

"Your blog looks great - congrats!"
- Dawnja Burris, Associate Chair, Department of Media Studies and Film, The New School

"Any blog that has David Wright, Ron Blake and Sour Diesel is cool with me!"
- Michael O'Keeffe, Sports Writer, New York Daily News

"Congrats on the blog! Looks good!"
- Douglas Greene, New York Drug Reform

"I'll be reading every day!"
- Stumpy, Drummer, Herbal Nation

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