Wednesday, May 10, 2006


100th post!

On April 1, I created this blog (thanks to the urging of my friend Dawnja Burris) and wrote my first post, "Mets' starting pitching woes." I wasn't fooling. In five short weeks I've filed an average of 20 posts per week (nearly 3 per day). This post is officially #100.

I'm excited to report that yesterday was my blog's Best Day Ever! I recorded more than 800 visits, over 200 more than my previous Best Day Ever. What accounts for my most-visited days? Getting one of my posts picked up by websites like, and Yesterday, linked to the Bonghitters post.

I'm working to improve the blog, adding links and classifieds. Next, you'll start seeing photos and video clips. Just you wait!

Blooming Ideas is now available as an RSS feed:

I've also just started a MySpace page:

One thing you could do when you visit Bloomings Ideas is click the classified ads. Each click is worth a few pennies, but will add up some day. Of course, I appreciate people leaving comments. The more discussion, the better.

Blogging is the brave new world of publishing. Thanks for supporting Blooming Ideas. I really appreciate it.

Steve Bloom

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