Sunday, May 28, 2006


Bravo's '100 Funniest Movies'

I've been getting a lot of phone calls this weekend from people saying stuff like, "Dude, I saw you on television," or "Dude, was that you I saw on television?" Yes, that's me on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies four-hour series running this weekend. Each segment features 25 movies. I'm in the first two segments. That's me commenting on Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Trading Places. Thanks to my friend Shirley Halperin, who comments on 13 movies (from Dazed and Confused to Zoolander), the production company asked me to be the "stoner movie" expert. Much of what I said got left on the cutting-room floor. However, I'm happy to be part of 100 Funniest Movies, even if it inexplicably omitted Up in Smoke.

By the way, the funniest movie of all-time, according to Bravo, is Animal House. I can't argue with that, though I'd have selected the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup. This survey barely covers anything before 1975, so I guess the Marx Brothers just didn't register with the braintrust that selected Police Academy as a top funny movie. Also, no Pauly Shore? Not even Encino Man? That's like, way uncool, dudes!

Here's the rerun schedule:

Sunday, 12-4 pm
Monday, 2-6 am, 6:30-10:30 pm, 11 pm-12 am
Tuesday, 12-3 am
Thursday, 1-5 pm
Friday, 5-6 am (4th episode)

Steve, you are the perfect dude, the absoulute expert on stoner films. Right on. I'm gonna need ta tune in to see ya.

Dang how do I get that job - stoner movie expert. You rock.

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