Monday, May 22, 2006


Dana Beal reponds to 'High Times & the NYC pot rally" post

You know that DRCNet misquoted me, and that you are engaging in selective reporting. The city did not refuse to grant us a Battery Park permit. We could have gotten Clinton Castle (which is also a paved area), but our attorney mistakenly thought we could get into the inside of City Hall Park. Preston Peet says that we had at least 1,000 attendees. and that was with a great deal of confusion and many folks not being able to make the switch from Battery Park because Paul Gilman would not stay at his post in Battery Park.

The amount of money you guys come up with is pathetic, and not worthy of a major say in anything. I spoke about Ibogaine perhaps for 5 minutes. Melatonin for 5 minutes - and that's a fundraiser. Also, the comment about NORML is just not true. Robbie Robinson is NORML, and he did the downtown rally. His grandmother died, so he couldn't show.

This kind of misrepresentation is why nothing is happening. The fact is, you come up with NO celebs. Look at the MPP gala. Maybe you just can't get celebs. Or maybe you are trying to blackmail us. Let's see what happens next year. That is, if you want to get off your butts and do something. What is your problem with a 21st Century approach?

It's not 1978. Times have changed.

Dana Beal
Cures Not Wars

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