Friday, May 26, 2006


Hot dog! Pet days @ Shea

The Mets are going to the dogs. This is straight off the Mets website:

On Tuesday, May 30 and Saturday, September 23, the Mets are hosting the 2nd Annual Dog Day at Shea events. Bring your dog to Shea Stadium and enjoy the game in the Picnic Area.

Tickets for the Picnic Area bleacher seats for fans are $26 each on May 30 and $30 each on September 23. Dog tickets for both events are $5 each per dog. A portion of all tickets from this event will benefit the North Shore Animal League.

Dogs and their owners attending the Dog Day at Shea event will be able to participate in a pre-game parade around Shea's warning track.

Please note dogs are not permitted in regular ballpark seating.

All tickets must be purchased in advance through the Mets Group Ticket Window.

For more information about this event, please call the Mets Group Sales Office at 718-565-4348.

Just Added: Stupid Pet Trick Auditions for The Late Show with David Letterman
Also on Tuesday, May 30, The Late Show with David Lettermanwill be on-site hosting stupid pet trick auditions. Those attending the Dog Day at Shea event are invited to participate.

The show's producer will have a representative on site for the promotion and will tape all tricks performed by the dogs. The footage will be used internally [and] review[ed by] Letterman and the executive producers. Each participant will be required to sign a release. Please call the Mets Groups Sales office for more information.

I might just have to bring my trusty beagle, Wiggles!

If Steve Phillips attends, can he bring Mo Vaughn? Just wondering. (And, just for grins, check out:
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