Friday, May 26, 2006


My 100th MySpace friend: Route .44

I signed up for MySpace on May 10. Sixteen days later I officially have 100 friends. My 100th is a cool roots-style band out of Providence, RI - Route .44.

They write on their page: "Route .44 has grown to an eight-piece orchestra. Each member brings in their own influences and experiences. Playing throughout New England - from the Middle East in Boston to Club Alchemy in New Haven to sharing gigs with talents as varied as Ashanti and Herbal Nation - they have turned many heads towards their captivating and conceptual sound. Not content to be pigeonholed into any specific genre, Route .44 pull from influences ranging from the dark, broodiing vibes of Morphine to the foot-stomping revelry of an Oktoberfest beer-garden."

Route .44 join a pretty cool cast of MySpace friends that includes: Jack Herer, Tommy Chong, Jorge Cervantes, John Trudell, High Times, NORML, Relix, Sundance Solar, Herbal Nation, 420 Girls, Danny Danko, Steve Hager, Spearhead, Steel Train, Bobby Black, Bosko, Mary Ought Six, Greg Caz, Todd McCormick, Merilee666 and Skylar ("the stoner soldier!").

Let's be friends!

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