Saturday, May 06, 2006


New York pot rally up in smoke

New York's marijuana rally is going nowhere fast. The May 6 event - one of more than 200 around the world (known as the Global Marijuana March) - was relegated to a street outside of City Hall. For the last five years, the rally took place in Battery Park and before that in Washington Square Park. Due to construction in Battery Park, the city's Parks Department refused to issue the organizers, Cures Not Wars, their usual permit. Confusion reigned, as ralliers didn't know where the event was taking place. A crowd of 200 or so hung around to hear speeches, folk music and a rap band.

Rally regulars Dana Beal, David Peel, Aaron Kay, A.J. Weberman, Doug Greene, Jesse Silverman, Paul DeRienzo and High Times' Danny Danko were all in attendance. At one point, the police scattered a crowd of blacks toking inside the park. From thousand of supporters in the '90s to a handful on Saturday, the rally appeared to be on life support. Hopefully, improvements will be made so that next year's event better reflects the spirit of New York's pro-pot community.

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