Friday, May 19, 2006


Subway Series @ Shea

The battle for baseball bragging rights begins tonight in New York, with the Subway Series showdown between the Mets and Yankees. Home advantage, starts by Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine, and the Yanks' injury-ravaged roster should add up to either a sweep or at least 2 wins by the Mets.

The Yankees lost another outfielder yesterday, when Bubba Crosby strained a hamstring. Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui are already on the DL. But Jason Giambi (strained neck) was back in the lineup. The Mets' starting squad is healthy; it's the rotation that's been weakened by injuries to Brian Bannister, John Maine and Victor Zambano.

Stat's Incredible!
* At .285, the Yankees' team BA (3rd best in the AL) is .22 points higher than the Mets (7th best in the NL).
* With 52, the Mets have 2 more HRs than the Yanks.
* The Mets' 3.83 team ERA (3rd best in the NL) is .12 better the Yanks (2nd best in the AL).
* The first-place Mets (24-16) have won 1 more game than then the half-game-out-of-first Yankes (23-16).
* Three Yankee regulars and one Met are batting over .300: Derek Jeter (.346), Robinson Cano (.317), and David Wright and Jorge Posada (both .307).
* Carlos Delgado's 13 HRs leads all players, followed by Giambi (12) and Carlos Beltran (10).
* Ten players (5 Mets, 5 Yanks) have more than 20 RBI each; Giambi leads all with 34.
* Glavine (6-2, 2.43) and Mike Mussina (6-1, 2.56) have been the team's best pitchers.
* Billy Wagner and Mariano Rivera both have 8 saves.

Probable Pitchers
* Friday (7:10 pm start, Channels 9 & 11): Jeremi Gonzalez (0-0) vs. Randy Johnson (5-4)
* Saturday (1:20 pm start, FOX); Martinez (5-0) vs. Mussina
* Sunday (8:05 pm start, ESPN): Glavine vs. Aaron Small (0-1)

May the Mets - I mean, the best team win.

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