Friday, May 26, 2006


Trakin whoopee!

Early this week he tried to convince you that the Clippers would beat the Mavs. Now HITS' Roy Trakin has become enamored with Suns' MVP everyman, Steve Nash. In today's Trakin Care of Bizness column, Roy writes: "That [he] thrives in the NBA by virtue of his guile and quickness among players a lot bigger than he is, and the fact, as a point guard, he fulfills the basic principle of making his teammates better, is reason enough for me to be pulling for him... Just call him the anti-Marbury."

Trakin's always entertaining and wide-ranging column - he covers music, movies, sports and TV - is a must Friday read. This week's edition includes reviews of the Secret Machines' new cd ("Is it just my drug-addled mind, or shouldn't this trio of Oklahoma-by-way-of-Brooklyn psychedelic rockers fronted by brothers Brandon and Ben Curtis be packing the arenas their music seems to aim for?"), the New Cars (featuring Todd Rundgren in place of Rick Ocasek)/Blondie show (re: New Cars, "it was more than a little like Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band, but I still don't see anything wrong with that" ) and the reissue of a live 1964 recording of Allen Ginsberg reciting Kaddish ("a precursor of Dionysian rock poets from Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan to Patti Smith"). Oh, and by the way, near the bottom of the column, Trakin offers this sparkling review of Blooming Ideas:

"Blog site of one-time High Times editor and all-around music, sports and pot pundit Steve Bloom, a fellow Knicks/Mets fan and James Brown confidant whom I've known since our days together at the old Soho Weekly News, the Avis to the Village Voice's Hertz back in the day. Bloom intersperses daily coverage of our beloved Metsies with idiosyncratic discussions on a variety of hot-buzz topics, including The Sopranos' gay problem, his travails trying to get press tickets to cover a local Black Crowes concert, a New Riders of the Purple Sage live review and answering Yippie Dana Beal's complaint about High Times' supposed lack of support for this year's Global Marijuana March in New York."

Thanks, Roy!

Trakin ends each column with his "Gripe of the Week." This week's gripe? The lack of that phone-friendly touch from publicists. He actually misses the day when they "used to call to tell you something they were passionate about or that they were simply promoting, rather than just sending out mass emails into cyberspace like a message in a bottle, hoping one sticks."

In addition to, catch Trakin online at, and (5-7 pm Sunday music-industry show with David Adelson on L.A.'s 97.1 Free FM radio station).

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