Sunday, June 18, 2006


Dis 'n' dat

Here's what's going on in wacky world of Blooming Ideas:

* The Mets lost 4-2 last night to the Orioles. After their 8-game road winning streak, they've now dropped 2 in a row at home. Ex-Met Kris Benson (8-5) not only bested Pedro Martinez (6-3), but chipped him for a 3rd-inning HR. Tom Glavine goes for his 10th win today at Shea.

* Today is Paul McCartney's 64th birthday, which of course will have Beatles fans humming "When I'm 64." McCartney is going through a tough period with the highly-public break-up of his marriage with second wife Heather Mills.

* The Heat and the Mavs hit the hardwood tonight for Game 5 of the NBA finals - deadlocked at 2 wins apiece. The Heat, still at home, must win this game. Dwyane Wade has emerged as the series' superstar (no surprise) with 42 and 36 points in the last 2 critical Heat victories. Gametime: 9 pm.

* "The Hemperor" Jack Herer is also celebrating a b-day today - his 67th. He's the noted author of the underground weed classic, The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

* The US tied Italy, 1-1, yesterday in World Cup competition. The Americans (0-1-1) will reach the Round of 16 if they defeat Ghana (1-1) on Thursday and if Italy (1-0-1) beats the Czech Republic (1-1). If the US advances, its 2nd-round opponent will likely be five-time WC champion Brazil.

* In Bonnaroo news, last night's "Super Jam" was a Phish reunion of sorts, with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon joined by the Benevento-Russo Duo. They debuted some new material and played a few Trey Band originals, but pulled nothing from the Phish songbook. With Phil Lesh aboard late in the set, they broke out "Casey Jones" and "Goin' Down the Road (Feelin' Bad)"... BTW: B-Roo PR poobah Ken Weinstein called me a "blogging maniac." I love it!

* Lastly, Happy Dad's Day to all those great guys out there - especially to my 79-year-old pops, Lenny!

Shortly after Sgt. Pepper's was released, some magazine (I'm pretty sure it was LOOK) commissioned someone to do a painting of the four Beatles at age 64 or thereabouts. I haven't seen that picture in quite a while and, surprisingly, it didn't resurface on Paul's birthday. Anyone remember the painting?
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