Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Heat in 6!

On June 4, I wrote: "Despite being the away team, I'll go out on a limb and predict Miami will win the NBA finals. Shaquille O'Neal will neutralize Nowitski inside [though they'll have to figure out how to stop him from beyond the 3-point line] and Dwyane Wade is better than the Dallas backcourt combined. Plus, Miami coach Pat Riley has been there 8 times more than Dallas rookie Avery Johnson. The Heat in 6."

How right I was. Wade dominated the series - which the Heat won in six games, as I predicted - and was named the NBA Finals MVP. He scorched the Mavs from Game 3 on, and averaged 34 points in the series. In last night's 95-92 finale, Wade's 36 points were the difference. It was truly Wade's World, as reported.

I knew Wade was good, but not necessarily this good. His dominating finals performance rivals Michael Jordan's heroics in the '90s. Even with Shaquille O'Neal in a lesser role, his huge body in the middle was enough to thwart Mavs' 7-footer Dirk Nowitski. And, of course, Pat Riley was the series' x-factor. When you've won the NBA title as many times as he had (4 times in LA), you have to give his team the edge.

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