Sunday, June 11, 2006


My 200th MySpace friend: Mary Jane

A dude who calls himself "Mary Jane" is my 200th MySpace friend. I joined MySpace on May 16. In less than a month I've made 200 friends - that's a pace of about 100 per month. Keep those "friend requests" coming.
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Mary Jane lives in New York and is a 30-year-old Virgo who describes his occupation as "pot head." His page is adorned with pot-leaf bubbles and you hear Pato Banton's "Legalize It" when you click to it.

Mary Jane's Top 8 includes Cypress Hill, Ralph Nader, High Times Comedy Night and 420 Girls. He says in his profile: "All you need to know is that I smoke mass amounts of Mary Jane. And I want to get to know pot heads from all over the world!... Oh, and don't be confused, I am a man. I just wanted to name the page for bud! Keep on smoking!"

I recommend that all pot advocates like Mary Jane join NORML today!

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Lastly, to my all my Hispanic brothers and sisters - Happy Puerto Rican Day!

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