Friday, June 23, 2006


My review of 'Waist Deep' @

Check out my review (below) of Vondie Curtis Hall's Waist Deep, starring Tyrese Gibson, Meagan Good and The Game. The film opens nationwide today.

Vondie Curtis Hall’s attempt at a black Bonnie and Clyde — Arthur Penn’s 1967 classic is referenced in the production notes and mentioned by a gas-station attendant in the film — fails on numerous counts: 1) Coco (Good), the “Bonnie” character, is just too stunning to be believed as a street hustler; 2) Bonnie and Clyde didn't involve a kidnapped child; and 3) O2 (Gibson), the “Clyde” character, has no sexual inadequacies.

O2 and Coco meet during a carjacking in South Central L.A. Soon they’re on a mission to score 100 G’s to pay the ransom for O2’s kid. They rip off ’hood spots and banks (the most obvious parallel to Bonnie and Clyde and the film’s highlights), and fall for each other before the climactic showdown with Meat (The Game as an ominous one-eyed gangsta). Judging by the audience’s reaction at the screening, you’ll be howling with laughter during the ludicrous finale.

Rating: LL

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