Thursday, June 01, 2006


Notes from the bongfield

Tonight, the Bonghitters - described by Vanity Fair as the "slugging stoners" - look to extend their undefeated start to the 2006 season. So far, the B-Hitters are 4-0. WNYC, always a formidible opponent, will attempt to snap the winning streak on the Bonghitters' home field in New York's Central Park.

Last week's victory over VF was chronicled at under the headline, "Reefers Best Veefers, 13-4, in Season Opener."

Writes VF coach Mike Hogan: "Vanity Fair's softball team walked into battle against its mightiest rival, High Times, without so much as a warm-up game and lost... The Reefers jumped ahead in the first inning and stayed there throughout... Confusion over who should cover home plate, a handful of ill-considered throws, and a few instances where infielders started thinking about the throw to first base before they'd finished picking up the ball cost us crucial outs and allowed the Slugging Stoners to run away with the game...

VF also plays tonight "against the left-leaning provocateurs of Air America." We wish them the best of luck and will see them again on July 6.

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