Monday, June 05, 2006


'Sopranos' a-go-go

The 6th season of the The Sopranos ended with a thud on Sunday night. The espisode promised a revenge hit, but never delivered. Instead, we followed various plot lines that included Christopher's affair with Julianna (Julianne Margolis), whom he meets at an AA meeting and promptly falls off the wagon with, smoking heroin; Phil Leotardo's heart attack; AJ's relationship with his new Dominican girlfriend; and Tony's hospital visit to Phil in Brooklyn.

Most of the tension revolved around Christopher. Would the Brooklyn family led by jailed Johnny Sack and Phil wack him as payback for the killing of Dom, who joked about Vito's death and in turn got the same treatment, courtesy of Silvio and Carlo, in the previous episode? Tony's handsome, drug-addicted nephew, however, survived until The Soprano's 7th and final season.

Not since my 10th grade girlfriend have I been built up then let down so consistently. I've come to the realization that The Sopranos doesn't do "big" moments well and never has. Its brilliance lies in the details of its dialog ("Do you think that pool cue was chalked?") and characterizations. Will I be there when next season starts? Absolutely. I'll just keep my expectations modest.
I like that this whole season was really one big crawl, that they didn't deliver the typical finale blast (i.e. someone dies).

Then again, last night's episode did feel like one big awkward appendage. I mean, does anyone really care about the recovering real estate gal? And Christopher, who was, for the most part, non-existent all season, are we really supposed to get suckered in so fast with the seasons arguably two most minor characters?

Guess we'll wait and see if it's worth two shits in January.

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