Friday, July 07, 2006


200th post! Veefers top Reefers

There was a rare celebrity sighting at last night's High Times-Vanity Fair softball match: Tom Hanks. Yes, Forrest Gump was at the game. No kidding. His redheaded daughter Liz plays for the Veefers. Before the game I asked him if he was going to play. He said he hadn't in a while. Then he and his younger son camped out on a rock in foul territory and watched the game.

He must've been proud of the Veefers, who beat the Bonghitters 8-5 on their home field in New York's Central Park. Liz Hanks went 0 for 3, but the Veefers' awesome display of power - 2 HRs by their slugging centerfielder Justin Bishop - was enough to cause an outage for the Bonghitters, who grabbed an early 2-0 lead, lost it, then tied the game 4-4 in the 6th. But a 4-run VF explosion in the bottom of the inning sunk the Bonghitters, now 6-2.

Like last year, the teams split their two games. The Bonghitters beat the Veefers 13-4 on May 24.

The Bonghitters extended road swing continues next Thursday against Business Week, who they defeated 12-8 on May 9.

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Seems like something of an unfair advantage to me. After all, Tom Hanks has well documented experience as a baseball manager ("A League of Their Own") which, I'm sure, the Veefers used to their advantage. In any event, I'd like to commend the Reefers on the great attitude you're displaying in defeat. After all, there's no crying in softball.
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