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Black Crowes reject new ticket request

The Black Crowes are currently on tour with Robert Randolph & the Family Band and Drive-By Truckers. The show comes to New York's Jones Beach Theater on July 19. On June 30, I requested a "comp" ticket in order for me to the review the show for and Blooming Ideas. A comp ticket is the standard term in the music industry to a free ticket, which allows members of the press to review a concert without having to pay for the ticket. Most bands, via their publicists, usually honor these requests, especially from writers and editors who work for established publications.

In April, the Black Crowes' management company, Pete Angelus Entertainment, turned down my request to review the Robinson Brothers' concerts in New York. The Robinson Brothers are Chris and Rich, the Black Crowes' founders. When my request was rejected I posted an article on April 13. That post was picked up by on April 14. I followed up with another post that was again picked up by on April 17. After I received a phone call from the Black Crowes' publicist, Mitch Schneider of MSO, I posted that conversation on April 20.

On June 30, I sent Schneider the following email:

I'd like to attend the Black Crowes show at Jones Beach on 7/19. I will be covering for and my Blooming Ideas blog. Please let me know if you will be making press tickets available asap.

Today, I received the following email from Schneider:


I forwarded your request to the Black Crowes' management.

Pete Angelus has asked me to convey this to you.

He says he is "rejecting this request now, as well as all future
requests, based on his numerous misrepresentations in his blog."


I followed up asking, "What misrepresentations?"

Clearly, Angelus did not like me going public with the Black Crowes' unpopular policy of not providing comp tickets to the press. I have yet to hear back from Schneider or Angelus.


Great job representing your clients, Mr. Angelus. It takes a special talent to engender this sort of good will from the press. You're obviously earning every nickel of your 15 percent. (Note to the Black Crowes: Wouldn't you be better off with the press writing about your music rather than this kind of crap? Just something to think about.)
Sounds like a huge slab of baloney on the part of the Crowes' management. Credentialed press are often the ears and eyes for interested parties not present at concerts and festivals. The Black Crowes, although now a national level touring act, were at one time, no doubt in need of publicity provided courtesy of the press that they now openly reject.
Being a writer & of course a Black Crowes fan, I too would like a free ticket to any Crowes gig,.. but then if they gave to all & sundry then it would end up being a free gig. I agree that people, in particular journo's, should be writing about the music & NOT bitching. Then theres the comment by Brian re. publicity. Obviously illustrating his naivety of the Crowes career. Althought they may be a 'national level act', that does not mean they need or act like 'they' need no publicity. To the contrary, go back even 10 years -before they did the Greek show w/Jimmy Page- Amorica/Three Snakes had tha Crowes at the height of their era. Since then, thanks to people who call themselves journo's writing utter tripe, they've battled an almost non-stop battery of verbal diahorea through the press. Isn't the internet such an amazing thing,.. Oh, an 'credentialed press' (what do you think 'Maxim' refer to themselves as? Uncredentialed press??)are often responsible for such shonky reviews, merely using their big worded title to disparage others & air they're own opinions, not objective opinions.
So, I guess if I dont see my 'comment' then i'll have essentially proven correct as there is nothing offensive in its content, only perhaps a red face Mr Bloom. I'll sign this myself as I do not wish, or think I should have to submit a name/user ID or certainly any passwords for anything that is meant to be an OPEN, FREE forum.
yrs not anonymously
Nico Tooze
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