Monday, July 03, 2006


'Entourage,' minus 1

Despite his loathsome character, Domenick Lombardozzi's Dom pumped some much-needed life and vigor into the third season of HBO's hot-guy series Entourage. After two lackluster opening episodes that concentrated on Vince's blockbuster movie "Aquaman," Entourage's writers introduced Dom, an old buddy of the cute quartet - Vince, Eric, Turtle and Drama - fresh out of jail (on a pot rap he took for Vince). Vince feels he owes him, even though Dom embarrasses him wherever they go. The final straw came quickly in Sunday's fourth episode, "Guys and Dolls," when Dom couldn't resist stealing a prized Shrek souvenir from the film's producer. He lies about it until Vince busts him, and then is dispatched back to New York with the yellow Hummer to the satisfaction of Vince's boys, who smelled a rat from the beginning.

This episode also concentrated on Ari's efforts to get Vince the lead role in a Pablo Escobar biopic rather than taking the cushier "Aquaman 2" gig. What's surprising is how little interaction there's been so far with women - besides Ari's wife - in the third season. But surely that will come in future episodes.


Hey, also give it up to Domenick Lombardozzi for his recurring role on HBO's superb series THE WIRE. Season Four kicks off in September with Lombardozzi reprising his role of drug war storm trooper, Detective Thomas "Herc" Hauk. Like they in the ads for the show.... Tap In!
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