Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Kottonmouth Kings @ Avalon

There is no band today that's more obsessively pro-pot than California's Kottonmouth Kings. Cypress Hill, you say? Sure, they started the blunt-smoking, weed-happy trend in hip-hop, but they've slowed down a bit over the last few years - less new music and touring. Meanwhile, the KMKs keep surging ahead, with a full head of cannabis smoke. They're currently touring to promote their latest album, Koast II Koast, and on Monday made a stop at New York's Avalon (formerly the Limelight).

Despite a gimpy leg, band leader Brad Daddy X took the stage with the 6 other members of the KMKs crew - rappers Johnny Richter and D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, drummer Lou Dog, and performance artists Pakelika and Tax Man - and worked the rapt crowd for nearly 2 hours. KMKs mix hardcore punk and hip-hop to great effect. Mosh-pit slamdancing and crowd-surfing carried on throughout the set, with a surprising number of women joining in.

After "Bump" and "One Life to Live," the KMKs launched into a series of herb-drenched tunes, starting with "So High" and followed by their latest single, "Where's the Weed At?" On-stage accoutrements included a working vaporizer, a plastic pot plant and a huge smoking joint (not real pot inside). On several occasions, the band shouted-out to the numerous High Times staffers in the house and also announced their upcoming headline engagement at November's Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (it will be their 3rd appearance). "A hundred strains in 3 days!" Daddy X exhorted. "And 500 beers!" Very appropriate for a band known to sing about being "Bong Toking Alcoholics."

Afterwards on the band bus, we puffed with Pak and Richter while others went out searching for food. Pak told us the KMKs are popular in Japan. "We always have the best weed when we're there," Pak boasted. Who knew?

The KMKs' Flyin' High Koast II Koast tour, including Suburban Noize labelmates Hed PE, Potluck and SubNoize Souljaz, runs through August 26. Tonight's show is at Boston's Avalon Ballroom. Check 'em out, stoners!

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Great live ain't they? Put 'em on the cover! And while I like Cypress Hill, they're far from being compared to KMK. They may have a few songs that mention weed, but for the most part they're "Gangsta". KMK is ALL WEED IN ALL SONGS! Peace.
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