Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Oliver Stone: 'I like ayahuasca'

Thrice-busted for marijuana and hash director Oliver Stone extols the virtues of hallucinogens in the latest issue of GQ. "I like ayahuasca. And I liked LSD, and I liked peyote," he tells reporter Chris Heath.

Ayahuasca, a natural psychedelic, is prepared by shaman's in South America's Amazon region. Peyote, derived from cactus, was imfamously used by Jim Morrison in Stone's biopic, The Doors.

According to yesterday's coverage in the New York Daily News' Rush & Molloy gossip section, "Guests this weekend at the Park Regency hotel may have been surprised to sniff some funny-smelling smoke drifting around director Oliver Stone's suite, but they shouldn't have been...The director of Platoon and JFK thinks tripping is so beneficial, he once spiked his father's wine with acid."

Stone's next movie, World Trade Center, is set for release on August 9.

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