Wednesday, August 30, 2006


'Ari, you're fired!'

Entourage's third season wrapped on Sunday night with a frenetic finale that saw Vince (Adian Grenier) dump his shit-talking agent, Ari (Jeremy Piven, who on the same night was awarded an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor). This is not the first time the two have parted ways. Surely, they'll reunite for Season Four.

Vince didn't do a speck of work all season long. Instead, he tried to push projects (biopics of Pablo Escobar and the Ramones) that ended up being torpedoed. So he hung out with his buds - manager Eric (Kevin Connolly), pot-toker Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and B-actor Drama (Kevin Dillon). Vince didn't have a real girlfriend all season either. Meanwhile, Eric had a two-on-one in the bedroom, Turtle lost his rapper client Saigon and Drama nailed a part on Ed Burns' TV pilot.

The pace picked up with the last three episodes, when Bob (Martin Landau) offered the Ramones script to Vince, then reneged, leading to the ugly split between Vince and Ari.

Look for Entourage to receive several Stony Award nominations when they're announced next week. The High Times Stony Awards take place on Oct. 24 at BB King's in New York. For tickets, got to

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