Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bonghitters improve to 8-4 record

"You guys are really good," Trader Monthly's coach Randall Lane said after his team's first-ever contest with High Times' Bonghitters yesterday. "You don't make any errors."

Lane, who used to coach the Forbes team in the '90s, invited the Bonghitters to play on Trader Monthly's permitted field in New York's East River Park. This particular field was covered with Astroturf, making for hops as true as on a classic asphalt black-top. The Bonghitters handled every ground ball cleanly in route to an 11-5 victory.

2B Danny Danko and 3B Dave Bienenstock led the offense with 7 hits between them (Danko went 4 for 4). SS Daren Pelled drove in 3 runs. P Rick Reta (7-2) notched the win. Female Bonghitters RF Rachel Smith and C Dawnja added 3 hits.

After the game, the teams convened for beers at Parkside Lounge, and then the Bonghitters headed over to the sports-bar Standings on E. 7 St., where a pizza party awaited them, courtesy of owner Gary Gillis. The Bonghitters enjoyed the post-game festivities, drinking and eating (and occasionally smoking) merrily as both the Mets and Yankees won their games too.

The Bonghitters' next game is against longtime rivals Wall Street Journal this coming Saturday.

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