Tuesday, August 29, 2006


'Weeds': 3rd episode pot-boiler

After watching last week’s episode, I wondered if Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise-Parker), Weeds’ protagonist, was training to be a narc. After all, she’s dating one and never inhales on Showtime’s pot-friendly series, despite regularly dealing it all around suburban Agrestic. Monday’s episode, the third of Weeds’ second season, deposits another fly in the show’s ointment.

In this carefully-plotted episode, Nancy and Peter (Martin Donovan) have a heart-to-heart in which he lets her know that she’s “way below [his] radar, small potatoes, teeny tiny fish in a deep narcotic sea.” In other words, he has no intention to bust her. To prove it, he makes a proposal that’s unclear until the last scene.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s sons – Silas and Shane – have co-starring roles. Sixteen-year-old Silas wins back his girlfriend; they romp gleefully in bed. But Silas has a master plan to keep her: he punctures a condom before their next round.

Eleven-year-old Shane is having sex too, but of course with himself. Problem is he keeps dumping gummed-up socks down the toilet, backing up the plumbing. Nancy asks brother-in-law Andy (Justin Kirk) to talk to Shane about his new avocation. Andy’s masturbation monologue is a classic. Among his choice adjectives and verbs are “jerk the gerkin,” “pearl jam,” “goo glove,” “tuggin’ the tiger,” “creamy Italian” and “Randy Johnson.”

Andy, who’s enrolled in rabbinical school and has a crush on the admissions director (Meital Dohan pictured above, with Kirk), has become a stronger, comedic character in the show. He’s also starting a grow house with Nancy, Conrad (Romany Malco) and Doug (Kevin Nealon).

By the end of the episode, Nancy and Peter have whisked off to Las Vegas, where an Elvis impersonator takes their vows. Pot dealer and DEA agent at the alter? It’s a match made in cable heaven.

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