Sunday, November 19, 2006


'Babel' & 'Borat'

Both international in scope, Babel and Borat take you around the world and back. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Babel starts in Morocco where an America couple are on holiday. A local boy testing out a new rifle his father purchased aims at the tourist bus as it rounds a curve and fires, sending a lone bullet crashing through the window and nailing one of the Americans in the shoulder. This sets off a major police inquisition and near international incident. Meanwhile, back in America, the couple's nanny takes their two kids to Mexico where trouble ensues. And thousands of miles away in Japan we meet a mute teenage girl whose father sold the rifle to the Moroccan. Each story unravels seemlessly and the cuts between the three are breathtaking. However, despite its global scope, Babel fails to pack the wallop of Inarritu's earlier work, such as Amores Perros.

Larry Charles's Borat begins in a fictional version of Kazakhstan, where horses pull cars and women are all prostitutes. Sacha Baron Cohen's incredible doofus Borat Sagdiev, who first appeared on his Da Ali G Show on HBO, arrives in America intent on filming a documentary. Borat is full of stunts and pranks that would make the Jackass guys proud. But Borat himself is so loveably stupid and profane, the movie is a blast to watch. At 84 minutes, it's like one long comedy sketch rather than a more elaborate movie. Traveling cross-country, with visits to rodeos, tent revivals and street corners, Borat has a lot in common with Road Trip. But Cohen, who's in every scene, makes the difference with his mild-mannered, "who me?" schtick.

Check the slideshow of Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Ali G, and Bruno)
Borat was the WORST film I've ever seen. I could live without the image of him crapping and masterbating in the middle of New York City. The image of two ugly naked men wrestling in a hotel room is forever etched in my mind. The film was insulting to anyone with intelligence or dignity.

Since when are rape, incest, beastiality, sodomy & abortion laughing matters? If any American father showed a photograph of his son's penis in public or on film, he would be put in jail for child pornography. Yet Borat supposedly exposes his "son's" nudity and we all laugh and point? What's wrong with this picture??

Black women are portrayed as whores, Americans are portrayed as drunks, bigots, religious fanatics. Jews are highly disrespected in this film. Russian citizens are misrepresented as being ignorant, incestuous people. Women are only referenced as sexual objects.

Borat crosses the line between borderline humor and outright vomitous material. The fact that this film was a hit reflects just how low our entertainment standards have fallen.
This movie was incredibly funny. If it pisses anyone off, they are probably drunk flag waving Christian crackers. The kind that are anti abortion, but more than happy to back a war that bombs and kills children in hospitals and schools. WOOT.....go ass backward religious mentality. By the way, if you believe in a "GOD", I am your messiah.....bring money and kill for me, I blew my cash building a big elaborate church and I am a little insecure. O.K. ....really insecure.
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