Sunday, December 02, 2007


The Rocket: The Maurice Richard Story

One of the better sports biopics, The Rocket tells the story of hockey’s first 50-goal scorer, the legendary Montreal Canadian Maurice “The Rocket” Richard (played stoically by Roy Dupuis). While he and other French Canadian teammates face prejudice, less talented but more physical opponents regularly challenge Richard. More of a boxing movie at times than a hockey flick, the action is crisp and believable with plenty of blood and bruises to prove it. Posted at

bloom. 'the rocket' was incred. ! watched him as kid. fast, flexible, fantastic. what a fukkin team THE canadiens had. 10 stanley cups in 11 years (1956-1967?),then 4 strianght from 1976-1980, when islanders then won 4 straight, then edmonton 3 of 4 (they'd've won 4 straight,but Steve Smith put a goal in his own net to lose to calgary in game 7 on his muthafukkin birthday!)

Interesting, might watch this film now.
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